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A Legacy in Rise

About Us

Manglie N.V. was established in 1951 by the well respected Mr. Manglie. We have produced rice for more than 60 years. Our company contains more than 120 employees, which makes it possible for us to work, day and night, offering consistent & reliable products. Our goal is to deliver the healthiest and nutritious rice to our market.


A Legacy in Rise

We have taken the responsibility to help you sustain life. Every employee has been embedded with this idea that we serve a larger goal. The current CEO, son of the founder, Imro R. Manglie, has always shown his perfection through proper communication of running a company with precision and cleanliness. 


This is the legacy that is put into motion by Mr. Manglie and his workforce of more than 100 hardworking employees. Every employee has seen a set of challenges during the whole chain of production. 


Everyone is treated as an equal and deserves a work environment which serves a larger purpose to be clean, organized and hard working at all times. This is the undying passion of Mr. Imro Manglie. He maintained his ideology since the very beginning of this company which has now become like a landmark for Suriname.  

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De Sluis

Manglie's successes were crossing borders. During our establishment in the Netherlands, we encountered financial restrictions. To tackle these problems, we conducted a thorough market research. We decided to expand our objectives to transshipment and processing of food products.  The cocoa sector happened to be a strategic choice, because our rice silos could also store cocoa beans. De Sluis took birth and functions now as our warehouse to  distribute raw cocoa beans as well as packaged rice.


We produce 600+ ton rice every week

We provide job security to
150+ employees

We export rice to 9+ countries globally

De Sluis
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