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Manglie’s Rijstbedrijf

Tourtonnelaan 83, Paramaribo

Tel: (597) 471717/ (597) 475151

Fax: (597) 476649

Waterloo en Hazard N.V.

Ir. M. N. Ataoellahweg, Nickerie

Rijstfabrieken Manglie N.V.

Karachiweg 2, Nickerie

Tel: (597) 231700

Fax: (597) 212000

Stichting de Welvaart

Middenstandspolder, Nickerie

Landbouw Vliegmaatschappij Manglie

Ir. M. N. Ataoellahweg, Nickerie

Eloni N.V.

Middenstandspolder, Nickerie

If you ever want to take a tour in our company, feel free to call the administration and make an appointment. You can tell us when, with how many people and at what time you want to visit us. We will do our best to give you an unforgettable experience in rice farming and production.

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